I selected SMASHWORDS to publish my first eBook, a book of poems, titled green.

green beckons us.
green evokes life.
green is a sanctuary.

Carbon manifests itself in green and humanity is a manifestation of carbon’s innate desire to organize itself at higher and higher levels of complexity.

The story of green is interwoven in our DNA. We should listen to it. Especially now that so much green has been slashed and burnt by the poor struggling to grow enough food to stay alive. Ultimately, our addiction to cheap fossil fuels could turn green to grey. green is a collection of simple reflections about things that seize me like the forests, trees, lakes, rivers, mountains, and canyons in Colorado where I grew up and in Japan where I fell in love.

A love of mystics permeates the collection along with quotes from Meister Eckhart, Hesse, Dogen Zenji, Socrates, LaoTzu, Kazantzakis, Socrates, Tagore, Buddha, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rilke, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Anais Nin, T.S. Elliot, Teilhard de Chardin, Keats, Simone Weil, Pascal, Thoreau, Thomas Merton, St. Teresa, Wittgenstein, etc.


While working on a biography of my 7th great grandfather, John Cotton, who helped found Boston, it has taken me about a year to get all the “tools” needed together. For writing, I use SCRIVENER and absolutely love it.


Scrivener enables me to organize my research and write all in the same window using split screen. Best of all, it enables publishing eBooks in .epub (for iBooks and other readers) and in .mobi (for Amazon Kindle). Little effort was required to self-publish green, as I had written these poems over a lifetime so all I needed to do was to collect them in SCRIVENER and export in .mobi and .epub formats.

green copy



      1. I have yet to export, I am hoping that when I compile I will not be totally confused. I love the way I can break it into chapters and work on one at a time.