Writing a BLOG is a new experience and all too often ignored. Obviously, I am not attempting to establish myself as a Blogger. I guess those who follow me have some interest in things I have posted even though most of my postings have dealt with my Cotton ancestors. My original goal was to share some of the trials and frustrations I encounter in attempting to write and publish. But sharing my frustrations means that I must relive them to express them and why would anyone want to do that!

I have thought about setting a goal to write at least one blog post per month. But somehow, it seems too artificial. So it looks like my blog will grow in a more spontaneous and organic way and I will post when inspired or feel that I have something I want to say. After all, I really have nothing to prove. My writing is what it is and progresses slowly and painfully. And, the only thing I know for certain is that I must stick with it if I am ever going to finish a book or two.  It is such a solitary activity that there is little to share and once I finish a book, it will stand on its own with no need for any commentary from me. For now, I must just keep plugging away in hopes of reaching that point.