Cotton DNA is the Celtic R Haplogroup and branched of to become R-BY17725

Cotton DNA Migration Route

Cotton male Y-DNA began with the Y-Adam in Africa 136,000 years ago and migrated into South East Asia (mutation P-P295) about 34,000 BCE.

By 17,000 BCE, it had migrated north through China and Mongolia and east to Kazakhstan, where it mutated to R1 and then further east to northeast Uzbekistan, where it mutated to become R1b, the haplotype that defined the Celts.

Cotton male Y-DNA then moved further east through Belarus, Poland, and Austria, where it mutated to R-P312 around 2,800 BCE.

From Austria, it migrated further east through Zealand and West Flanders to Normandy and crossed the English Channel at Dover, where it mutated to become R-Z290 about 2,650 BCE.