SUMMER SOLDIERS – In August 1971, when I returned to Japan to attend university, I had time on my hands before classes started so I looked for part-time work. In the Japan Times classifieds, there was a notice for auditions to act in a motion picture being made by Hiroshi Teshigahara called SUMMER SOLDIERS. Though I had never acted, I gave it go and, as it turned out, Teshigahara wanted me in the lead role. It required that I  play the guitar and sing and, as I could do neither, I was cast in the role of an ugly American deserter from the military. The following scenes are from the Japanese version of the film which has no English subtitles. Hopefully, I someday find a version with English subtitles.

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SCENE 1 (Dinner with my host, Mr. & Mrs. Tanikawa.)

SCENE 2 (Where I attempt to pick up a girl.)

SCENE 3 Part 1 (Where I return to my host’s home- somewhat drunk.)

SCENE 3 Part 2 (Where I attack the wife of my host.)


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Summer Soldiers Newsweek


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