Madingley is a village near Coton on the western outskirts of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

The village is home to Madingley Hall, was built by Sir John Hynde in 1543 and occupied by two generations of his descendants before his great-granddaughter Jane Hynde inherited the property in 1634.

Jane inherited Madingley Hall when she was two years old and at age seventeen in 1647, she married Sir John Cotton, 1st Baronet of Landwade. From 1647 until the 1860s, Madingley Hall was home to six generations of the Cotton family.

In 1860, Queen Victoria rented the Hall for her son Edward (the future King Edward VII) as a residence while an undergraduate at Cambridge University. The Cotton family eventually sold the Hall in 1871.

Today the Hall, its surrounding park and farmland are owned by the University of Cambridge, which purchased the property in1948 just after World War II.