The more I learned about self-publishing, the more and more options came up and after a steep learning curve, I settled on writing and producing my books using VELLUM.

VELLUM does it all. The light version (Vellum eBooks) produces eBooks in all common formats using the ‘generate’ feature and cost $199.99

VELLUM PRESS is the full version and enables production of both eBooks in all formats shown above in addition to PDF files that are ‘print ready’ for publishers like Ingram Spark. The PDF file generated by VELLUM PRESS can also be marketed ‘as is’ in PDF format.

Vellum has given me total control over the look and feel of crafting books. I mostly write history and need to insert illustrations and footnotes. Vellum does both and has exceeded my expectations in producing a finished product that compares with a professional publishing house.

  • Buy your own ISBNs through Bowker so that you own and control them.
  • Register you book online with the Library of Congress.
  • Register your book’s copyright, yourself.
  • Take the time and effort to register your own copyright. Own your work!
  • Get your work edited professionally. If it was worth writing, it is worth editing.
  • To Self-Publish, you need a good partner for both print and eBook.
    • Ingram Spark will publish both an eBook and a print book from VELLUM for $49 and distribute to over 40,000 retailers including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.
    • Alternately, you can set up accounts with eBook sellers and load your VELUM eBooks directly to the following distributors:
      • Apple Books to sell on iTunes
      • KDP to sell directly to Amazon.
      • B&N Press to sell directly to Barnes & Noble
      • KWL to sell directly to Kobo
      • D2D to aggregate all other eBook sellers.
    • An alternative for print books is to using a POD (print on demand) publisher. For the price, quality, and ease of publishing BookLocker comes highly recommended. Their DIY package is only $78.
  • Join the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi).
  • Network with authors’ groups locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Promote your work by entering it in a Book Contest.