Shown above are two works-in-progress that I am currently wrestling with. The first, TALES OF TWO BOSTONS, tells the story of families from Boston, Lincolnshire, England that migrated to New-England and established both the Town of Boston and governed the Massachusetts Bay Colony for fifty-two of its fifty-six-year existence. The second, JOHN COTTON, is a narrative biography of my 7th great grandfather and was awarded 1st place for nonfiction in the Writers’ League of Texas annual manuscript competition.

Next, I have researched the graduates of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University that migrated to New-England in the 17th century and contributed to the founding of what would become the USA. This work is to be titled O Come O Come Emmanuel.  I also plan to write a biography of my 5th great grandfather, Josiah Cotton that will be titled Josiah Cotton: A life in Plymouth.

My 6th great grandfather, John Cotton Jr. will the subject of another work I have planned and I also will write narrative biographies regarding the experiences of my great-grandfather in the Civil War, my 2nd great grandfather in the War of 1812 and my 3rd and 4th great grandfathers during the American Revolution.  In addition, I hope to find time to complete the two works shown below.