SUMMER SOLDIERS – In August 1971, when I returned to Japan to attend university, I had time on my hands before classes started so I looked for part-time work. In the Japan Times classifieds, I saw a notice for motion picture auditions for a film to be directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara called SUMMER SOLDIERS. Though I had never acted, I gave it go and as it turned out, Teshigahara wanted me for the lead role. However, it required that I  play the guitar and sing.  Since I could do neither, I was cast in the role of an ugly American who deserts military service while on leave in Tokyo. The following scenes are from the Japanese version of the film which has no English subtitles. Hopefully, I someday find a version with English subtitles.

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1 (Dinner with my host, Mr. & Mrs. Tanikawa.) Mrs. Tanikawa is played by Kuroyanagi Tetsuko.

SCENE 2 (Where I attempt to pick up a girl.)

SCENE 3 Part 1 (Where I return to my host’s home- somewhat drunk.)

SCENE 3 Part 2 (Where I attack the wife of my host.)


Review from NEWSWEEK Magazine:

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