Hannah Sturtevant

Hannah (Winslow/Crowe) Sturtevant is my 6th great grandmother and was Josiah Cotton’s mother-in-law. She was born in Marshfield, Massachusetts in November 1644 to Josiah Winslow of Droitwich, Worcestershire, England. Josiah Winslow migrated to Plymouth in 1631 and is the younger brother of Edward, John, Gilbert and Kenelm Winslow.  The eldest brother, Edward Winslow, arrived on the Mayfower and served as the governor of Plymouth Colony twice. With Edward’s recommendation, Josiah Winslow was selected to keep Plymouth Company accounts and was sent to Plymouth by the investors in the colony. Unfortunately, Josiah proved to be incompetent as an accountant. Gov. William Bradford reports in his history that Josiah Winslow did wholly fail them and could never give them any account; but trusting to his memory and loose papers, let things run to such confusion that neither he nor any with him could bring things to rights.” In 1643 Josiah moved from Plymouth to Marshfield where Hannah was born on the 30th of November in 1644, the fifth of six children.  On 4 April 1664 at age twenty, she married William Crowe, who died January 1683, and left Hannah his house and property.  The following year in April, Hannah married John Sturtevant, who was fourteen years her junior. Their only child, Hannah, was born in 1687 and later became the wife of Josiah Cotton.