Shown below are works-in-progress that I currently wrestling with. It might be surprising to others that I have produced book covers for works that I have yet to write. Well, for the past five years, my primary role has been that of caring for my grandson and now grandsons. At the same time, I cook for our extended family. And, I have discovered that it is not possible to ‘get in the zone‘ and write while watching children; it is possible to hold a sleeping baby in one’s arms, sit at a computer and design book covers.

The first is THE MASSACHUSETTS BAY COMPANY BOSTON MEN, about how ten men from Boston, Lincolnshire, played a pivotal role in founding the Massachusetts Bay Company. Between the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620 and the advent of the English Civil Wars in 1640, approximately 20,000 individuals migrated from England to America during The Great Migration.  Although less than 1% of these immigrants were from the Boston, Lincolnshire area, their impact was immense as Boston Men were elected Governor and Deputy Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for all but four of its fifty-six-year existence. This work tells their story. Publication is scheduled for 2024.

The second is JOHN COTTON: An Intimate Investigation of His Life and Times. It is a narrative biography of my 7th great grandfather that was awarded 1st place for nonfiction in the Writers’ League of Texas annual manuscript competition. Publication will hopefully take place by the end of 2025.

The third is LINCOLNSHIRE’S GREAT MIGRATION 1620-1640, which details 256 individuals from Lincolnshire that emigrated to New England from 1620 through 1640. Publication will hopefully take place by the end of 2026.