William Crowe

William Crowe was the first husband of Josiah Cotton’s Mother-in-law, Hannah (Winslow-Crowe) Sturtevant. He was born in 1630 and served the Plymouth Court in the capacity of a surveyor. On 4 April 1664, he married Hannah Winslow and built a house on a large tract of land referred to in early Plymouth records as “Playne Dealing”. In his Memoirs, Josiah Cotton recollected, “My Wife was the only Child of her Parents, who were People of good Credit in the Town. Her mother (who was a Winslow) had been Married abt. 20 Years to One Mr Willm Crowe A Gentleman of good Education Who died Jany. 3. 1683/4. wth.out any Issue— Upon which She Married a Young Man & had my Wife her first & only Child after She was 42 Years old. My Mother in Law died March 1, 1708/9 – Something above 64. Years old. She was a Woman of good Education, Knowledge ability & Estate-  Leaving her Daughter Heir of a considerable Farm at a Place called Plain Dealing in Plymo.

The above photo of the William Crowe house was taken by A.S. Burbank  in 1892 . The portion of the house foremost was built by William Crowe at the time of his marriage in 1664.  Later in 1723 Josiah Cotton and his wife, Hannah, built the three story addition shown to the rear. The Crowe House was the oldest in Plymouth up until 1993 when it was demolished to make way for a Seven-Eleven store.