About 1436-7 Walter Cotton retired to Landwade, and was no longer referred to as “of London”. He was about 61 or so at this time. Only a few transactions were entered after this date and he is no longer called Mercer, but rather esquire. Walter Cotton rebuilt the then ancient chapel of St. Nicholas at Landwade, probably about 1440 to 1445 when he died on Thursday before the feast of Pentecost (13 May) 1445 and was buried exactly in the center of the chancel of Landwade church below the step of the altar under an altar tomb of grey marble which was still there today. The top was formerly ornamented with brasses, having a large cross flory from the bottom to the top, the foot of the cross being seemingly set in a heart, just below which was a shield, as were two others at the two uppermost corners of the stone slab. Cole the antiquarian quoted a description of the lost brass labels, which were recorded in the Visitation of 1684.

Hie jacet Walter Cotton solus Renovator istius Ecelie, et Johanna Ux ej qui quidem Walter obiit decimo quarto die mensis Maij An Dni 1445, Quora Aiabs pieiet Deus. Amen.”

“Here lies Walter Cotton sole rebuilder of this church, & Joan his wife, which Walter died 1445, on whose souls may God have mercy. Amen.”

St. Nicholas Church at Landwade